Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Funny Face Pancakes

Last July 18, 2009 it's my mom's birthday. My two nieces asked me to make a pancake and the reason they want me to make it because they want to help and learn how to make pancakes. So what I did I took them with me in our kitchen and teach them how to make a pancake. Everytime I cook my nieces always watching me cooking they always watch beside me to look what i am cooking because they want to learn how to cook. While i'm preparing the hotcake pan my nieces are enjoying mixing the pancake mixture and then they are both excited to cook the pancake on the pan because the pan has a funny face design, so when we cook the pancakes it has a funny face figure. That's why my nieces called it Funny Face Pancakes.


  1. Hey that is sooo cool! I love pancakes with my maple syrup! Your nieces had a funny good time cooking pancakes!


  2. That looks like it was fun.


  3. I'm starting to feel hungry!!!! my tummy is hungry wants to eat a pancake... yum..yum..yum..
    I'm serious! I'm hungry khaye!
    It's already 2 in the morning where will I find a pancake


  4. I now really want pancakes!!!

    looks like the kids had fun!

    I love to cook with the kids...sometimes we just throw stuff in pans or bowls and make our own names up for is a great way to get them to try some new foods although it doesn't always taste that

  5. hey thanks for visiting my blog!!! ur neices look like angels. :) :) I often have these cooking sessions wid my neice and we both have a lot of fun!! :) :) looks like u had a lot of fun too..


  6. really cute blog

    look like a moment capture forever I LIKE IT

    hope you visit my blogs too

  7. Wow they must love cooking with you! With kids you need to always inject fun in chores.. (I use instant pancake mix all the you know how good I am in cooking! Ha ha ha..)

  8. hi guys, Thanks for dropping by to my blog...

    Thank you very much...


  9. a beautiful and awesome blog!!! Love your posts and photos. Exceptional!!!

    Cheers! following also.