Monday, July 27, 2009

Tom Yang

This is a spicy noodle with a different kind of seafood such as mussels, squids, clams, shrimps, and etc. I taste this noodle also when I was in Singapore. I really like the taste of it because I like spicy foods that's why it really suits my taste buds. I don't really much like an asian noodles but this one I can say that I liked it. At first I don't wanna taste it because i don't really like it but my friends forced me to taste it because they said that it really taste good so that's why I have to try it before I said No. So what I did I taste the noodle and agree with my friends that the noodle is really good and delicious. In this case, I learned that I should have to try things before I said No.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Mer Lion

This shot was taken when I went for a tour in Singapore with my friends. It is our first day to arrive in Singapore. After we check-in to our hotel we go directly to the place where we will see the MerLion. We walked so long just to get to the MerLion's place from our hotel. Just because we don' know about yet about where to go and where to ride what we did is walk thru going to the Merlion's place we just realized that we walked too long when we are already in the place. But it was fun and a good exercise as well.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Funny Face Pancakes

Last July 18, 2009 it's my mom's birthday. My two nieces asked me to make a pancake and the reason they want me to make it because they want to help and learn how to make pancakes. So what I did I took them with me in our kitchen and teach them how to make a pancake. Everytime I cook my nieces always watching me cooking they always watch beside me to look what i am cooking because they want to learn how to cook. While i'm preparing the hotcake pan my nieces are enjoying mixing the pancake mixture and then they are both excited to cook the pancake on the pan because the pan has a funny face design, so when we cook the pancakes it has a funny face figure. That's why my nieces called it Funny Face Pancakes.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Camias Fruit

This fruit is also grown inside our backyard because my mom's really love to plant different kinds of tree. This fruit we usually used for cooking sinigang (sinigang is a popular filipino dish) that most of us really love even some of my friends in Australia we also used it for pangat and paksiw (also filipino dishes). This fruit is rich in citrus. It has also plenty of use of this fruit, it can be use in salsa,pickled,or eat it raw with the salt or a fish sauce to have a balance taste that not gonna be too sour to eat.

Sugar Apple

This is one of my mom's fruit plants inside our backyard. This fruit has a really sweet taste. It is one of my favorite fruits that i really love to eat because of its sweetness. It's fruit flesh is sweet, white to light yellow, and resembles and tastes like custard. It is slightly grainy, a bit slippery, very sweet and very soft. This fruit also is rich in calories and a good source of iron.
This fruit also known as a custard apple but here in the philippines we called it "atis" in our language (tagalog).

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Nice View

A nice and a relaxing view.This is our cottage when me and my friends when on a swimming outing in Zambales here in the Philippines. The resort is so quiet that if you want to relax you can have it not unlike if you are in a city you can hear the sounds of different cars, machines and etc. not unlike here it so quiet and peaceful. This picture was shot by one of my friend who like to take a photo of anything that he can see. Looking at it is so good in the eyes. because of the green trees beside the nipa hut and a mountain behind it.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Moccha Frappe

This Iced Coffee is one of my favorite every time I go to Starbucks. It really refreshes me especially when its hot here in our country. I liked it because of the crashed ice with it with the flavor of moccha that I really love. This coffee really popular in different parts of the world same like here in the Philippines.


This beers is one of the most popular beer here in our country (Philippines). It is most like of people here who loves to drink beers. I don't like the taste of it because of its bitterness and also because I don't drink that much. But most of the people here in our country likes this beer especially mens.

Thank You AL

Thank you very much Al for giving this award. It is my pleasure to receive it. Thank also for always visiting to my blogs i really appreciated it. And I am sorry also for the delay of getting of the award because I've been busy these past few days. But anyway thanks again for giving me this award.
Go and visit AL of she have lots of interesting blogs that you will like.

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1. I am just a simple person.
2. I love to cook.
3. I like children especially babies.
4. I love dogs.
5. I like watching cooking shows.
6. I want to study culinary.
7. I want to live my life simple and live life to the fullest.

Thank You Very Much Charmine

Thank you very much Charmine for giving me this award. This is my very first award for my blogs. I really appreciated it. Thank you very much also for always visiting my blogs. And I am so sorry for the delay of getting the award s you gave to me because I've been busy and away from my computer this past few days. But anyway, Thank you very much for the awards.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Tuna Nicoise Salad

I made this salad back when I was still working in a hotel. One of my Sous Chef also my mentor taught me how to prepare this salad and some of the salad I post to my blogs. This salad also one of my favorite that I made because of on how to prepare and present it. For me, it looks very gorgeous.This is a salad that is very good to the eyes and very appetizing for the tongue especially if you like tuna and veggies. This salad is consists of a seared tuna seasoned with salt and pepper wrapped with roasted sesame seed. For the salad, julliene slice of iceberg lettuce,cherry tomatoes that cut into half,green beans(blanched) and boiled quail eggs. For the presentation, arrange the salad in a Martini glass with the seared tuna and the other ingredients. And a Balsamic Vinaigrette for the dressing.

Tip: If you were going to eat or prepare a salad I suggest that put the dressing on the side or just pour the dressing i you already going to eat the salad.So that, the salad still crunchy especially the veggies.=)

Sunday, July 5, 2009


A beautiful sunlight in the center of the clouds. When I was staring at the sky I saw this beautiful image that really got my attention as if that the sky was so near to me that I can touch the clouds. I really like the shattered lights from the sun that is in the middle of the clouds. It was so wonderful and it is so nice to see a kind of view like this of our natural nature. I find it really attractive.

Tomato Mozzarella Cocktail

This is the cocktail version of the Tomato Mozzarella. It is good for a cocktail party because it is a finger food. And it really look cute in the eyes.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tomato Mozzarella Salad

A salad with a round slices of tomato and fresh mozzarella that garnish with a fried basil leaves and a pesto sauce for the dressing. It is a very good salad if you like tomatoes and pesto sauce. I can say that the fresh mozzarella is a very good cheese. It is one of my favorite cheese it taste like a fresh caraboas cheese that here in the philippine we called it "kesong puti" the only difference is that the fresh mozzarella is gummy while the fresh caraboas is like the same cheddar cheese.This salad is good for appetizer.

Waldorf Salad

A salad that is very appetizing and refreshing that's why it is one of my favorite salad. It is made of apple chunk and dressed with mayo for the dressing and for the presentation, a round thin slice of apples that is layered alternately (round slice of apple and chunk apples with mayo) for the garnish a loloroso lettuce on top and a squeeze of a thick balsamic vinaigrette on the sides. It looks very appetizing.