Sunday, June 28, 2009

Beautiful Day

A very beautiful day. A clear blue sky with a nimbus clouds made my day beautiful. The atmosphere was so relaxing while I was in the beach cottage. Just watching the sky and the calmed water of the beach made me relaxed. And it is too quiet and so peaceful that you can have a piece of mind to relax and inhale some fresh air not unlike in the cities.

Salmon rose with pesto

Salmon rose with pesto is a cocktail food that usually seen in cocktail party. This cocktail is made of salmon cream cheese wrapped in smoked salmon and top up with salmon roe and garnish with a chive with pesto sauce. I don't really like raw foods but these one I can say that it is good. and I like the way it looks and present.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Foccacia Bread

This is a Foccacia bread. A bread that is made with sun-dried tomatoes and herbs. This bread is one of my favorite bread to eat when I was working in a Hotel. One of my Head Chef in Pastry always gave us this bread for a snack. I like it because it taste like a pizza like margarita pizza the only difference is that the foccacia bread doesn't have a cheese. I prefer in eating this bread is that, it is a freshly baked before eating it because like pizza it is nice to eat it while it is hot same way with the foccacia bread. And if you are ready to eat it i suggest that you dip it with the pesto sauce or in an olive oil.

lake mckenzie

This is one of my favorite pictures when I was in Australia. This lake named lake mckenzie. It is located in Fraser Island in Australia. The water here is very nice that you can relax because of it's calmed water as you can see in the picture. It's bluish water that really attracts the tourists who goes there. it is really attracting. And besides you can swim back and forth in this lake. It is really a nice place to come.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Singapore Money

This is a Singaporean dollar. It looks similar with the australian dollar. It looks like it is made of a plastic not like our philippine money that is made of paper. when you look at the money it looks like that it is not easily be broken not unlike our peso bill when it gets wet it can easily tear off just like a paper. And their bills have different sizes with every different value of bills and diferent colors like ours too.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Singaporean Fresh Spring Roll

This picture was shot by my friend Malou when we was in Singapore. This Spring Roll was one of our favorite snack that we tasted in one of the Mall in Singapore.This spring roll is made of homemade egg wrapper and inside of it are chili sauce,peanuts,bean sprouts,chopped garlic,cabbage and grated boiled egg. when you eat it you can taste that there is a kick of a sweet and spicy hot taste of it's chili sauce and you can taste the crispness of the veggies and the peanuts that very goes well when you are eating it. I can say that it is really a healthy and a good snack.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Singapore tour

Last month, Me and my friends went to singapore for a tour. They are my friends when I went to australia. I really like this pic because here I can say that we really enjoyed in singapore. This is one of the place that we spent the whole day in Sentosa. Many said that you didn't go to Singapore if you don't go to Sentosa. And I can ay that Sentosa is really one of the beautiful place to go in Singapore. Images of Singapore is inside the Sentsa place. Inside this images of Singapore we knew and discovered their history. And their history is most likely our Philippine history. We really enjoyed our tour. We did a lot of things there as if that we cannot gonna go back there again. And we did our time very precious to make our tour really great. and that's what happened. And after that tour we were planning to go to different places or country. It's fun. It's nice to go to different places because in my eperience I can say that I can learn and understand their cultures.

Monday, June 8, 2009

about my life

hello! This is the story about my life. I am Khaye, 26 year old lady and single but i'm in a relationship.I took my primary and secondary level at Colegio de San Pascual Baylon in Obando Bulacan. I graduated college year 2004 at Saint Paul University Quez0n City, Philippines. The course i took up when i was in college is Bachelor of Science major in Hotel and Restaurant Management. When i was in high school the course i wanted to take is architecture or interior designing. Before i graduated high school i am taking entrance exams to different college schools, such as University of Santo Tomas where i took exam for architecture but i didn't get pass the test. So that's why i went to Holy Spirit College in Manila i took exam there for the course of interior designing and i got passed the entrance exam and im so glad that i did passed the test.and all i have to do is to enroll myself. But my mom told why don't i try to get an entrance exam in Saint Paul because?. Then I said ok i'll try to take an exam there. Then, that day we went to Saint Paul University in Quezon City. I took the exam and got passed the test with the course of Hotel and Restaurant Management or HRM as many called it. The course that even for once did not sink into my mind that i will take for college. To be honest, i don't like the course HRM before but when i got thru it I'm starting to like it as time goes by. And now my dream is to be an Excellent Chef...