Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Singaporean Fresh Spring Roll

This picture was shot by my friend Malou when we was in Singapore. This Spring Roll was one of our favorite snack that we tasted in one of the Mall in Singapore.This spring roll is made of homemade egg wrapper and inside of it are chili sauce,peanuts,bean sprouts,chopped garlic,cabbage and grated boiled egg. when you eat it you can taste that there is a kick of a sweet and spicy hot taste of it's chili sauce and you can taste the crispness of the veggies and the peanuts that very goes well when you are eating it. I can say that it is really a healthy and a good snack.


  1. wow!!! it really look yummy!!!
    do you know how to make this?
    do you mind if you post the recipe of it

    I love your post!!!!

  2. yes it is really yummy! but sad to say that i don't know the recipe of it. i only remember some of the ingredients that i posted to my blog.
    Thanks for the comment.