Sunday, June 14, 2009

Singapore tour

Last month, Me and my friends went to singapore for a tour. They are my friends when I went to australia. I really like this pic because here I can say that we really enjoyed in singapore. This is one of the place that we spent the whole day in Sentosa. Many said that you didn't go to Singapore if you don't go to Sentosa. And I can ay that Sentosa is really one of the beautiful place to go in Singapore. Images of Singapore is inside the Sentsa place. Inside this images of Singapore we knew and discovered their history. And their history is most likely our Philippine history. We really enjoyed our tour. We did a lot of things there as if that we cannot gonna go back there again. And we did our time very precious to make our tour really great. and that's what happened. And after that tour we were planning to go to different places or country. It's fun. It's nice to go to different places because in my eperience I can say that I can learn and understand their cultures.

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