Monday, June 8, 2009

about my life

hello! This is the story about my life. I am Khaye, 26 year old lady and single but i'm in a relationship.I took my primary and secondary level at Colegio de San Pascual Baylon in Obando Bulacan. I graduated college year 2004 at Saint Paul University Quez0n City, Philippines. The course i took up when i was in college is Bachelor of Science major in Hotel and Restaurant Management. When i was in high school the course i wanted to take is architecture or interior designing. Before i graduated high school i am taking entrance exams to different college schools, such as University of Santo Tomas where i took exam for architecture but i didn't get pass the test. So that's why i went to Holy Spirit College in Manila i took exam there for the course of interior designing and i got passed the entrance exam and im so glad that i did passed the test.and all i have to do is to enroll myself. But my mom told why don't i try to get an entrance exam in Saint Paul because?. Then I said ok i'll try to take an exam there. Then, that day we went to Saint Paul University in Quezon City. I took the exam and got passed the test with the course of Hotel and Restaurant Management or HRM as many called it. The course that even for once did not sink into my mind that i will take for college. To be honest, i don't like the course HRM before but when i got thru it I'm starting to like it as time goes by. And now my dream is to be an Excellent Chef...


  1. Interesting story, i used to be picky about my course when i was about to take my college entrance exam... coz' i really don't know what to take lolz
    anyway have a happy blogging
    and welcome to bloggers world

    love to see more post from you!!!

  2. Thank you for having a time visiting my blogs. I really appreciate it.